Northern Denim Co.
Designed in Finland
Made in Japan
Worn Worldwide

Northern Denim Co. is a denim brand. Not just any denim brand, but a Finnish vintage denim brand.

The idea for Northern Denim Co. was born back in 2009. In the midst of stacking building blocks to a foundation called Nordic Denim House, I wished to establish something for the Finnish denim scene. Something new and different. The idea was transferred into number of iPhone notes, paper arks, doodles and fabric samples but like many great things, an idea needs to brew for a while before it can grow into something concrete.
Northern Denim Co. - Beginning
In 2010 the flame for the idea was re-kindled and I mustered the courage to speak of the idea to friends and associates. With nothing to show but a bunch of notes I did not expect much, but the response for the mere idea was so inspiring that I went back to work with the concept. Back then the idea had no name, but it had already become a Finnish Vintage Denim brand. In midst of a brainstorming session with a good friend Mr. Tuomas Jaalinoja, he spoke the words that would become the name for the brand, Northern Denim Co. Simple, self explanatory name, perfect for the project. Credit and big thanks for this portion of the branding journey thus goes to Tuomas.

With a name, design and materials locked the project was ready to kick-start but the brand needed a face, a symbol that would carry Northern Denim Co. forward. Without going into Finnish or Nordic Stereotypes (believe me those too were considered) the brand needed to differentiate and just like everything about the project, the logo needed to be personal. Since Peach Boys, Samurais and workwear icons were all put into good use already, the brand’s face would become what or whom we like to call, “Husky Boy.”
Northern Denim Co. - Husky Boy
Husky Boy’s real name is Maxwell and he’s 11 months old as I am writing this. This Husky Boy symbolizes our approach to the project. We perceive Northern Denim Co. as an adventure and every step we take on this journey is filled with hope, excitement and sense of something new.

I hope that people will cherish the jeans and that the project would introduce the Vintage Denim culture to even more people. Every pair of Northern Denim Co. jeans are hand made in Okayama, Japan by Rampuya & Co., famous denim artisans behind brands like Momotaro Jeans. Every pair of jeans is individual, different from one another just like we are.

Thanks for reading the entire introduction. Now you know a bit more about the brand. For more details about the products, cause and how to order these jeans, please refer to the respective sections. Also if you would like to hear more about the brand or if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to drop us a line.

Taavi Kuisma
Founder & Creative Director